Black Friday Shopping Smartphones

Tips and apps to own Black Friday

Updated on October 29, 2019


Get your Black Friday game face on!

It’s time to compare Black Friday deals, make your shopping list, and own this national day of shopping.

Read on for some helpful tips, websites and apps to achieve Black Friday success! Oh, and check out our Black Friday deals, too. You’re welcome.

Prep for the big day.

Check retail ads and shopping sites in the days leading to Black Friday. Figure out what you really, really want to buy, so you don’t blow your whole budget on impulse items. (Happens to the best of us.) Here are some of Consumer Reports’ recommended shopping sites:

  1. Google Shopping
  2. Pricegrabber
  3. Pricewatch
  4. Shopzilla

These sites will help you find the best prices on the items you’re most excited about, so you’ll always get the best deal.

May the apps be with you.

Apps are your best friend on Black Friday. No need to go store-to-store to compare prices; use one of these apps to research products with your smartphone and let the Internet work its magic. These sites are also helpful on Cyber Monday!

Buy Via
This app shops the most popular retailers, like Amazon, Target and more and compare prices. You can customize your deals by store or by product so you can easily find the best deals and coupons.

Instead of going store-to-store to collect their Black Friday ads, check out Flipp. All your favorite store ads and announcements are compiled in one place, saving you time and, eventually, money!

Wanna get paid to shop? This rewards app give you “kicks” that add up to redeemable gift cards every time you go shopping.

Using location services on your phone, this app sends you store promotions for the stores you’re closest to. Shop on!

Compare specs for items like smartphones.

Black Friday may be a great time to buy TVs, gaming consoles, and other cool tech, but it’s an especially great time to buy a new smartphone. Keep these questions in mind when shopping for your new device:

  1. Apple or Android? It’s an age-old debate, but it truly depends on your personal preferences.
  2. How long is the battery life?
  3. How good is the camera?
  4. Is it important for you to have the latest model, or are you willing to save more on an older model?
  5. How long do you plan to keep your phone?

Remember to factor in important accessories like a protective case, chargers, headphones or speakers, etc., when you calculate how much you’re willing to spend. You’ll want to get the most out of your new phone!

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For more tips, check out Consumer Reports’ Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Tips for 2019. Good luck, and happy shopping!